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Interior leather seats treatment

Interior leather seats treatment

Leather seats treatment includes:

  • All the seats will be vacuumed before the cleaning process.
  • The leather will be cleaned with a soft brush and a leather cleaner in order to agitate the dirt out of the pores, which will be then wiped away.
  • Once the leather is clean and dry, a balm protection will be applied on to the leather in order to soften and protect the freshly cleaned surface.
How to care for leather car seats

Leather seats are the cherry on top of a luxury car sundae, but without proper maintenance, they can be downright gross. Because leather is a natural material it is subject to fading and cracking because of heat and UV rays. Practicing routine maintenance will extend the life of your leather and keep your car looking factory new!

We vacuum

We begin by vacuuming up any loose debris and dirt. If it’s been a while between cleanings your seats will have certainly picked up some unwelcome travelers.

We apply leather cleaner

We spray the leather cleaner onto the surface of the seat and use a soft bristled brush to gently agitate any problem areas.

We wipe dry

Using a clean, dry microfiber towel we will wipe off any excess conditioner and then wipe fully dry. Your leather car seats will look as brand new!

Auto Car Leather Seats Treatment
Auto Car Leather Seats Treatment

A leather or leather-trimmed interior adds comfort and style to any car, but will naturally wear with time and usage. Leather conditioner may help maintain your seats, steering wheel, and other touchpoints, prolonging their lifespan while preventing drying, cracking, and peeling.

Plus, it’s usually more affordable than getting the car reupholstered. Call Master Auto Detailing and let us help you keep those seats looking sharp.

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