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Car Interior Refresh - Maintenance Clean

Car Interior Refresh includes:

  • Boot, seats, carpet and mats will be vacuumed.
  • Rubber mats will be washed and dried.
  • Steering wheel will be cleaned.
  • All interior windows will be cleaned.
  • All interior plastic trims, vents, cup holders, arm rest and door panels will be cleaned, dressed and UV protected.
Why choose our services

Master Auto Detailing is a business built to serve vehicle owners a direct service at their fingertips. Whether it’s personal vehicles, work fleet or heavy machinery we are aimed at providing high value solutions to your direct location.

Qualified Workers

All our technicians are fully trained and specialized in their field.

Affordable Prices

We provide convenient and headache free solutions all vehicles.

24/7 Appointments

When life gets busy it can be difficult to get your vehicle cleaned.

Auto Interior Refresh

We can recondition the plastic/vinyl on your doors, dash, seats and console areas, or we can do it all, including the carpet, velour and upholstery. We can recolor just about everything in the interior.

Master Auto Detailing can vacuum and shampoo your vehicle ahead of time, and can complete the whole rejuvenation process in no time.

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