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Paint decontamination + wax protection

Car Exterior Detailing - paint decontamination + wax protection

The paint decontamination + wax protection service includes:

  • Alloy wheels, tyres and wheel arches will be gently cleaned using a non-acidic formula cleaner.
  • The exterior will be prewashed with a low PSI pressure washer to prevent clear coat damages.
  • A pH-Neutral Snow Foam coat will be applied to break down and encapsulate the majority of traffic film and dirt which then will be rinsed off.
  • All the exterior grills, logos and crevices will be cleaned with the detail brush.
  • The whole exterior will be washed with a degreaser shampoo using a microfiber mitt and the two-bucket wash and rinse method in order to cut down any old wax residue, to get the paint squeaky clean and to eliminate the risk of creating any swirl marks on the clear coat.
  • Iron and tar removal product will be sprayed on and rinsed off after few minutes in order to remove as many particles embedded in the clear coat.
  • A clay bar decontamination process will follow to safely remove all the particles left in the clear coat, then the clay bar lubricant will be rinsed of.
  • The exterior will be then dried with a 1000 GSM microfiber towel and a professional dryer in order to eliminate all the water from crevices.
  • With the paint decontaminated and squeaky clean now your vehicle is about to show it’s truly potential, a Ceramic Hybrid Wax will be applied in order to protect and seal your vehicle’s paint. This process will make your car reflect the sky and turn a lot of heads, it will give a hydrophobic effect to the paint that will repel water instantly and it won’t let the dirt and traffic film to stick on easily which will make the maintenance wash a pleasure.
  • All door shuts will be cleaned.
  • All exterior windows will be polished.
  • Tyres will be dressed and UV protected.
Paint Decontamination + Wax Protection

Enjoy a great looking car all year long, without having to do any of the hard work on your own. It takes less than a minute. Simply, lets us know your car location, the wash type you want and date & time that suits. Simple as that.

We bring the car wash to you. No more wasted time, no more bucket and sponge, simply book us and one of our technicians will come to you in our branded vans. Call us at 020 8819 1342 to book an appointment.

Paint decontamination + wax protection service
Mobile car detailing services

Detailing involves a keen eye for perfection and detail as the name suggests. We fully decontaminate the car before refining the vehicles paint work, making it defect-free, by the removal of scratches and marring through the careful use of various polishes and pad combinations.

We then protect the car through the options of wax, ceramic or paint protection to ensure that the paintwork is sealed from further contaminants, protected and maintained to prevent any further damage to the paintwork.

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