3 Stage Exterior Safe Wash + 7 Months Protection

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Exterior Safe Wash and Protection

3 Stage Exterior Safe Wash + 7 Months Protection

The Exterior Safe Wash + 7 Months Protection service includes:

  • Alloy wheels, tyres and wheel arches will be gently cleaned using a non-acidic formula cleaner.
  • The exterior will be pre-washed with a low PSI pressure washer to prevent clear coat damages.
  • A pH-Neutral Snow Foam coat will be applied to break down the majority of traffic film and dirt which then will be rinsed off.
  • All the exterior grills, logos and crevices will be cleaned with the detail brush.
  • The exterior will be washed with a microfiber mitt and the two-bucket wash and rinse method to eliminate the risk of creating any swirl marks on the clear coat.
  • The exterior will be then rinsed with the pressure washer and the Ceramic Hybrid Wax protection will be applied on the paint that will last up to 7 months.
  • The whole body will be dried with a 1000 GSM microfiber towel and an air pressure dryer in order to eliminate all the water from crevices.
  • All door shuts will be cleaned.
  • All exterior windows will be polished.
  • All tyres will be dressed and UV protected.
Exterior Car Detailing and Protection across London

At Master Auto Detailing we offer bespoke car detailing in London. We have worked on some of the counties rarest and most valuable road and track cars. Therefore, be assured that you are letting your car on the hands of professionals.

Together with a solid record in the detailing industry, we are using only the best paintwork finish products, so you can be assured your vehicle is in expert hands.

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Detailing services in London
Detailing services in London

Revitalise your existing paintwork with specialist tools and products – say goodbye to swirls and light scratches! Using only the best products, you’ll be overwhelmed with the results.

At Master Auto Detailing we can provide you with beautiful detailing of your auto. We are highly trained and focus on every aspect of a car, ranging from the tyres to the body to the interior. Give us a call at 020 8819 1342 and see for yourself.

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