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3 Stage Exterior Safe Wash

Up to 2h

Exterior Safe Wash + 7 Months Wax Protection

Up to 2h

Paint Decontamination + Wax Protection

Up to 5h

Maintenance Wash for Ceramic Coats and PPF's

Up to 3h


Auto Exterior Detailing

3 Stage Exterior Safe Wash

All door shuts will be cleaned. All exterior windows will be polished. All tires will be dressed and UV protected.

3 Stage Exterior Safe Wash + 7 Months Protection

A pH-Neutral Snow Foam coat will be applied to break down the majority of traffic film and dirt which then will be rinsed off.

Paint decontamination + wax protection

Iron and tar removal product will be sprayed on and rinsed off after few minutes in order to remove as many particles embedded in the clear coat.

Maintenance wash for cars with ceramic coating and paint protection film

For Ceramic Coating the exterior will be sealed with CarPro Reload Silica Spray in order to increase the durability of the coating.

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