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Car Detailing - Engine Bay

The engine bay detailing service includes:

  • One of the battery terminals will be disconnected to eliminate the risk of a short circuit.
  • The whole engine bay will be pre-washed with low pressure.
  • An engine bay degreaser will be sprayed on.
  • The whole engine bay will be cleaned with different size of brushes for different areas.
  • Engine bay will then be rinsed with low pressure and dried.
  • All the plastic and rubbers will be dressed and protected.
Car Engine Detailing in London

The engine bay is a hidden area but somewhere that should not be ignored, it not only completes the overall look of your vehicle but a clean engine bay will make it easier to see any possible issues & make any issues easier to correct.

Many people don’t detail their engines simply because they don’t understand the process of how to do it, and they’re afraid of damaging something. The truth is that your engine is a lot more resilient than you give it credit for. We can wash and detail your engine without much fear of ruining anything. Based in London, Master Auto Detailing provides a bespoke and flexible mobile detailing service for London.

Professional Car Detailing
Professional Car Detailing

Professional car detailing is an important annual service which can help keep your vehicle in the best possible condition, to ensure it retains value. You can expect the interior and exterior of your car to look as good as new after car detailing.

We are highly trained and focus on every aspect of a car, ranging from the tyres to the body to the interior. Give us a call at 020 8819 1342 and see for yourself.

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