Faded Exterior Plastic Trims Treatment

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Faded Exterior Plastic Trims Treatment – Faded exterior trims and bumpers gives your vehicle an annoying unaesthetic look? In this article you will learn how to restore the colour of faded exterior plastic trims.

Why do exterior trims are fading in colour?

The main factor that deteriorates the exterior plastics of a vehicle are the harmful UV rays from the sun.Continuously exposure in the sun over time will fade the colour of the trims and bumpers. Therefore, this will give your vehicle an unaesthetic visual impact.

How to restore faded trims and bumpers?

First step is to clean the plastic trims in need for treatment. For the cleaning process a digressive product must be used. This will break down any dirt and grime accumulated in time. With the surface thoroughly clean, it’s time to apply the treatment. The dressing is a compound like Meguiar’s Ulltimate Black or Auto Glym Bumper & Trim Gel. There are many other brands on the market, but these two works very well. Apply the treatment evenly with a micro-fibre applicator on the plastic trims. Remove any excess with a clean micro-fibre cloth. To maintain a fresh look of the trims, this process must be done at least once a month.

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