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Wheels and Tyres Cleaning Process – When it comes to cleaning the wheels, tyres are overlooked nine times out of ten. Most people consider that cleaning and protecting the tyres is not important and they skip the process.

Why is important to clean the tyres in the wheel cleaning process?

The only contact that a car makes with the road is through the tyres. Tyres must be kept in a good condition at all times in order to ensure full efficiency and performance of the vehicle. Wheels and tyres can get clogged up with dirt and brake dust. If not periodically cleaned and protected tyres will fail way before their term.

How to clean and protect the wheels and tyres?

Cleaning the wheels and tyres is a must when cleaning the exterior of the vehicle. Start with a pre-rinse process with the aid of a pressure washer. Spray a wheel cleaner product on the wheels and let it sit for a few minutes. The wheel cleaner will loosen up the iron particles and brake dust making the cleaning process easier. Use a range of different type of wheel brushes in order to reach all the areas and loose up all the dirt. Rinse the wheel with the pressure washer. Next, spray a degrease product on the tyres and agitate with the brush. The degreaser will brake off the dirt and any old tyre dressing residue. Rinse off and repeat the process until the tyre is throughly clean. Dry the wheel with compressed air and a microfiber cloth. Lastly, apply a coat of tyre dressing. This will protect the tyre from brake dust, dirt and harmful UV rays, increasing it’s lifetime.

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