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Prepare your car for winter – Preparing the vehicle for winter is an important process in keeping the car exterior protected from salt and prevent rust.

Why is salt used in the winter?

Salt lowers the freezing temperature of water, which prevents ice or frost forming on the carriageway. The higher the concentration of salt, the lower the temperature at which freezing will occur. Also increases the electrical conductivity of water, making it an extremely corrosive element. This means that the grit used by local authorities to help make our roads safer could actually be doing damage to your car, accelerating the process of rust.

How road salt can damage the vehicle?

While road salt is imminent to safe winter driving, it is also extremely corrosive. Over time it can cause extensive damage to vehicles. The biggest threat salt poses to a vehicle is rust. Repeated exposure to salt accelerates the corrosion process. Rust can create a slew of problems ranging from hydraulic brake system leaks to frame damage.

How to protect your car from road salt and prevent rust ?

The best way to protect the vehicle against the road salt is to safely clean the exterior. Next apply a protective coating like paste wax, liquid wax, ceramic wax. For better and longer protection a ceramic coating. Any of the sealants mentioned above will form a protective layer. This will prevent the salt to get in direct contact with the vehicle. The wax will offer a self-cleaning surface to the paint. Washing the vehicle regularly through out the winter will decrease the risk of corrosion and rust.

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