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Paint Decontamination – After thoroughly washing and cleaning your vehicle, you expect the exterior to be clear of any debris.

What is car paint decontamination?

Paint contaminants are airborne problems caused by road salt, grime, bugs, brake dust and tar. These get stuck in the exterior paint, therefore are visible particularly on light colours even after a complete exterior wash.

With time, these imbedded contaminates are degrading the clear coat of your car and fading the shine away. Above all, new vehicles sometimes require car paint decontamination as well. To determine whether you need to perform this process, check to see if the surface is rough and bumpy.

The most popular solution to remove the contaminates is through a tar and iron removal wash followed by a Clay Bar Treatment, that will leave behind a glossy surface.

What is clay bar treatment?

Most people who own cars have probably never heard of clay bar, or know when and how to properly use it. The traditional clay bar is a natural or synthetic engineered resin compound; designed to remove or ‘lift’ contamination from your vehicles surface; to provide a contamination free, smooth surface to apply protection to.

Car paint decontamination is a difficult process and requires hard work to complete. Our paint decontamination service also helps to eliminate leftover residue on the exterior paint. Schedule an appointment today.

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