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Fabric seats restoration – cleaning and protecting the seats brings that new look of the car interior, helping maintaining a fresh outdoor in the vehicle.

Why do fabric seats get imbedded with stains dirt and grime?

The main reason of having the fabric car seats imbedded with stains, dirt and grime is the absence of a protective coating on the fabric, which acts as a repellent for liquids and dirt. Lack of a protective coating, exposes fabric to environmental dirt. With time it builds up in to the seats leaving behind an unaesthetic look. Most importantly the germs and bacteria within the fabric can seriously affect your health.

How to clean and protect the fabric seats correctly?

Before applying the protection coating, the seats needs to be cleaned. Cleaning and protecting the fabric seats is an easy but time consuming process. First step is to remove the surface dirt using a vacuum cleaner. The next step is to spray the seats with a fabric cleaner and agitate with a soft brush in order to separate all the embedded dirt from the fabric. The mix of fabric cleaner and dirt has to be extracted with a spray extractor. Repeat the process until the mix extracted is clean. Last step is to spray the protection coating on the fabric to complete the cleaning and protection process.

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