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Engine bay clean and protect – Cleaning and protecting the engine bay is vital for a healthy engine.

Why is important to clean the engine bay?

Cleaning the engine bay plays a significant role in monitoring the health of your engine. It is important to regularly clean and monitor the state of the engine. Having a clean engine makes easier to spot any oil leaks or fumes therefore will enable you to take early action preventing further damages. Cleaning the engine regularly also prevents pest infestation in the engine bay. A good example are mice, rats or fox nest that will cause damage to the engine.

Why is important to apply protection to the engine?

After the engine is cleaned, all the plastics and rubbers within the engine bay are exposed to excessive heat generated by the engine. The excessive heat and dust will fade the quality of the rubbers and plastics with time. Applying protection will improve the resistance against the heat and dust and will maintain a fresh look of the engine.

How to clean and protect the engine bay correctly?

There are many ways of cleaning the engine bay. A poorly maintained engine bay might require pressure washing with a digressive chemical. To do this in a safe manner, one of the battery terminals has to be disconnected. Eliminating the risk of a short circuit, cleaning and rinsing with low pressure washer is now safe. After washing, the engine bay has to be dried with compressed air before applying protection.

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